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At Family Restorative and Implant dentistry we service teens, children, and infants with special dental care needs in Williamsburg, James City, and York County. Since each child is different and we know a good first impression can last a lifetime for your child that’s why we treat each child based on what they need. We spend extra time with them to help them overcome their fear.

Why Family Restorative for Pediatric Dentistry:

When you search for professional pediatric dentistry in your area first thing that come in your mind is that whether this place is safe and kid friendly. Our office is designed with a special kid area where they feel comfortable. We provide different fun activities, games, and toys to play. We guarantee your kid will enjoy our facility and never get fear from dental procedures.


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In case of a dental emergency, contact us by PHONE at (757) 229-8050 and someone from our professional staff will contact you right away. We provide new and existing patients with same-day appointments for all dental emergencies.

Oral Health

As a parent, it’s our job to understand our child’s dental health as we believe that the more you understand your child’s dental health more likely your children’s teeth will remain healthy without any oral health issues. Think Family Restorative and Implant Dentistry as your trusted dental partner. We help and guide you in caring for your child’s teeth. If you have any questions feel free to call our office or setup an appointment. Dr. Sharif would love to help you.

Useful dental tips :

Some tips to follow and adopt good brushing techniques. For more detail subscribe our free newsletter and get knowledge.

·         Thoroughly brush the inside and outside surfaces of each tooth.

·         Brush chewing surfaces carefully by brushing on top of the teeth

·         Brush your tongue and top of mouth

·         Make a habit of flossing your teeth daily.

For complete detail contact our office and schedule an appointment. It’s good opportunity to learn and teach good brushing habits to your kid.

Preventing Cavities:

Tooth decay affects almost every child who consumes sugary snacks. Drinks like soda, sport drinks and juice etc. That’s why teaching your child the importance of choosing nutrition that is low in sugar would have a positive impact in your childs dental health. Eating too much candies and sugary stuff will erode the mineral in the teeth, which cause cavities.

Always try your best to limit sugar in your diet as well and by brushing and flossing regularly.

·         Use fluoride toothpaste

·         Protect your child’s teeth with fluoride and regular brushing

·         If your child is younger than age 6, watch your child brush their teeth. Make sure your child only uses a pea-sized amount of toothpaste

·         If your drinking water is not fluoridated, consult with your dentist or pediatrician to see if your child needs oral fluoride      supplements


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